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Classes & Services

  • Private Sessions & Duets

  • Group Classes

  • Restorative Yoga




I offer Pilates privates, duets and group classes grounded in the classical work and influenced by functional movement philosophies. Classes are held in my intimate studio, which allow for little distraction, detailed and personalized work, and an inspiring & personal experience. I also offer restorative sessions, which combine restorative yoga and hands-on techniques to bring rest and relaxation to your body and soul.  All sessions and classes offered are geared towards creating mind/body connection, kinesthetic awareness and healthy, graceful living. The goal is to take the work outside of the studio and allow it to enhance your other movement practices, athletic activities, and your lifestyle.


Private Sessions & Duets

Group Classes

  • Whole Body Health & Overall Fitness within a Classical Pilates Environment

  • Injury Prevention & Recovery

  • Pain & Disease Management

  • Preserve & Deepen Your Yoga Practice


Whether you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner, an athlete or yoga practioner, private sessions are a wonderful way to begin or deepen your practice with new tools and awareness around habitual movement patterns.  Learn to move with ease, grace and deep inner strength.  Sessions are detailed and challenging!


Private sessions are grounded in the classical Pilates philosophies. We will build a program based on your movement patterns, with the goals of building strength, ease and independence in your work-outs utilizing all of the apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. Duets are almost as intimate and just as detail oriented, but a bit more economical and geared around building more independence in your work-outs. Once you have a basic understanding of the work and wish to share your session with a friend, duets can be a lovely addition to your practice.






Please email me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Keep Your Practice Strong.

Empower Yourself to work more independently.  The classes are no more than 3 students, are open to all levels and use all apparatus.  Knowledge of the work required.  



Mondays ~ 5:00 pm

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Workshops and Events for the Pilates newbie to the advanced practitioner are listed on the Calendar page.  Please come join me for a mat class or a workshop!


Vintage Pilates

I teach on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at Vintage Pilates in West LA.  CLick here for more info.

Keep up your practice at home with any of my FREE videos HERE


Work with me in real time via Skype.

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