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Breath & Embodiment Coaching

Healing is a multi dimensional process. The pain body is layered with survival patterns and protective mechanisms that we no longer need. Yes, our nervous system may not know better. These states have become somewhat comfortable, even though they are causing chaos, stress, panic and physical pain.


One of the most potent ways to heal underlying stress and emotion is via the breath. Stanislov Groff, of Holotropic Breathwork believes that the deepest healings occur in non-ordinary states of consciousness. I use the breath to reach these spaces. I also believe that in order to move emotion we must MOVE. I integrate bodywork, movement therapies and embodiment practices into the work. And lastly, I work with the mind. We uncover and release belief patterns that are no longer serving. Most recently, I have begun to offer introspective work through tea medicine, the Cha Dao. If you are called specifically to a modality, please express this to me in our intro call or discovery session.


My intention is to give you ways to free yourself from all that is holding you back from living your fullest life at the most reverent vibration.

I offer various packages and the best way to begin is to book a discovery session with me, so that you may begin your healing journey.

More about me here...

"Since working with Barbara, I have less fear in my mind and body. I have more confidence in moving, and in life.  My body has also changed and I feel I am discovering a new strength that THRILLS me."

Questions or to book a 15 min introductory call: Email me directly HERE.

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