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What are Whole Body Healing Sessions?

These 60 or 90 minute private sessions are designed to:




and eventually


Your pain issues or patterns that are not serving you physically and emotionally.

What to expect:

I assess and address you the day you arrive. I will create a container of deep listening as we explore your intentions, short term and long term goals. Within this container your healing needs and the tools best suited to serve you will present themselves. Healing physical pain and emotional stress is a multi-dimensional process that addresses your neurono-emotional system and I have several ways of doing just that. Our work together may include one or many of the tools listed below to bring you to a state of freedom, peace and grace.

"The How" is a Somatic Full Embodied Experience.

Breath facilitation


Fascial Release and Strengthening

Inquiry & Somatic Coaching

Education and tools on HOW to make your life your most potent medicine.


"My intention is to remind you that you are your greatest healer."

"Since working with Barbara, I have less fear in my mind and body. I have more confidence in moving, and in life.  My body has also changed and I feel I am discovering a new strength that THRILLS me."

Questions? Email me directly HERE.

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