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Joseph Hubertus Pilates

The Man.  The Method.


Like many innovators, myth and folklore infiltrate their stories.  Over the last 13 years of practicing and teaching Pilates, I have heard many stories about J. H. Pilates.  All of them fascinating, but only some true.  I am no expert Pilates historian, but luckily I know some lovely people who are.  I am also extremely fortunate to have taken workshops with Jay Grimes, who studied directly under Pilates.  That is about as close to the "horse's mouth" as you can get!  Below are some wonderfully written articles and video interviews about Joseph and his method, Contrology, a.k.a Pilates.


Benjamin Degenhardt has dedicated much of his time researching the man and intention behind the method.  

Defining Pilates ~ B. Degenhardt

Digging Deeper into the History of Joseph Pilates ~ Pilates Anytime Interview with Benjamin.


We have also learned through photographs.  I.C. "Chuck" Rapoport photographed Pilates at his New York studio in 1961 for Sports Illustrated, and has every single shot from that magical day.  

You can happily view Chuck's photo gallery here.  


Chuck is not only an avid Pilates practitioner, but also a wonderful storyteller.  His accounts from the day he spent with Joe are shared with Kristi Cooper on Pilates Anytime.  


Pilatesology also has some wonderful interviews with Jay Grimes discussing his first hand experiences at the studio and with Joe.

Photo courtesy of I.C. Rapoport

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