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I work with highly committed individuals who want to heal their physical pain and emotional stress. I have educated hundreds of clients in restoring their nervous systems, re-aligning their physical bodies, and opting for peace of mind. 


I have been on a path towards physical & emotional freedom for my entire lifetime. After injuring my depleted dancer's body and recognizing my suffering soul, I began to explore in order to heal. I studied functional movement, contemporary and classical Pilates, yoga, anatomy dissection, breath, meditation, various healing modalities and wisdom practices with some of the most beloved teachers. My being began to wake up. I became aware of the patterns that were binding me and creating pain. I healed myself (and continue to do so, shedding what does not serve and integrating what does). These integrated practices I continue to offer in my private sessions, courses, retreats and programs. Teaching and guiding for over 20 years, with every student, I continue to learn the uniqueness of every being and that the body is limitless in its capability for healing.

Questions? Email me directly HERE.


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In Gratitude to all of my teachers...​


Thank you for involving and inspiring me...

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."-Benjamin Franklin

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