My Journey

I have been on a path towards physical freedom for my entire lifetime. I sought out performance and self expression as a child, and found dance as my outlet. In time dance became the outlet for my perfectionism, and because bodies and the art of dance are not made to be perfect, my body and soul began to suffer. And so, my healing journey began. I learned to heal my very injured body through various body systems, rhythms and holistic paradigms. I learned to quiet my mind through transformative breath and meditation. Through pregnancy I learned to expand physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; and through post-partum, I again learned to heal. In motherhood, I continue to learn to better listen and better observe. And with every student, I continue to learn the uniqueness of every being and that the body is limitless.

In my practices & teachings there is no one system I follow. One of my first teachers taught me that the body is chaos. It holds the material. It holds what we know of as physical. And it also is full of chaotic magic. This lesson continued through dissection labs where I learned that the human form is its own universe, full of uncharted territory and vast in its potential. When I teach and hold space with you, I listen to what your unique universe is saying and showing to me. We will move from that place and utilize the tools I have gathered throughout my lifetime.

My intention is to guide you towards freedom and alignment in your physical and emotional body. This freedom is created through awareness and listening to your body, aligned strength, and dynamic flexibility.

My priorities as a teacher are to:




Your pain issues or patterns that are not serving you physically and emotionally.

My Most Used Tools:

Fascial Strength and Release Work

Functionally and Fascially sound Pilates, Yoga and Dynamic Movement

GST Body


Breath Facilitation and Meditation

Essential Oil Healing

My Intuition

When we begin moving and breathing the way we are innately designed, the body functions, dances and flows at a supremely high vibration. This freedom is where the deepest healings can take place and where we are able to transmute our old patterns into new dynamisms and essentially LIVE this life to the fullest.

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In Gratitude to all of my teachers...

Kelly Kane - Pilates, Power, My Hands

Renee Jimenez Orona - Observation

Nicola Weiner PT - Skill & Precision

Christine Wright - Freedom

Om Studio NYC - Power vs Force & Meditation

Elena Brower - Yoga & Self Acceptance

BKS Iyengar - Lineage & Alignment

Kim Finklestein MPT - Thinking Outside the Box

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Breath, Freedom, Love

Jane Kasdan - Letting Go, Trust & Alignment

Gil Hedley - Form & Formlessness thru Dissection

Jay Grimes - Pilates & Lineage

Sandy Shimoda - My Voice

Tawny Avonne - Intuition,Freedom, True Self

Anna Rae - GST Body & Fascial Truths

My Parents - The World

My Son - The Universe


Thank you for involving and inspiring me...

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."-Benjamin Franklin