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My Journey & My Work

I have helped hundreds of clients restore their nervous systems, re-align their physical bodies, and choose peace of mind. 


I have been on a path towards physical & emotional freedom for my entire lifetime. After injuring my depleted dancer's body and recognizing my suffering soul, I began to explore in order to heal. I studied functional movement, contemporary and classical Pilates, yoga, anatomy dissection, breath, meditation, bodywork, various healing modalities, coaching & wisdom practices with some of the most beloved teachers. My being began to wake up. I became aware of the patterns that were binding and creating pain. I healed myself (and continue to do so, shedding what does not serve and integrating what does). I offer these embodied practices in my private sessions, courses, retreats and programs. Teaching and guiding for over 20 years, with every student, I continue to learn the uniqueness of every being and that the body is limitless in its capability for healing.

**More on BREATH

I have been working with and teaching breath since 2000. My journey began with my yoga practice and my interest in learning the functional biological aspects of breathing. In 2009, I began working with the Sudarshan Kriya, a circular breathing technique that allows for emotional release and deep transformation.

I've continued my love of the breath with Transformational Breathing, Holotropic breath, Nuerodynamic Breath, Tummo, Wim Hof and continued Kundalini yogic breathing.


Breathwork enlightens patterns in the body. It is a gateway and entry point for more awareness, emotional release and nervous system regulation.

Breath connects the mind and the heart.

It echos the soul.

Breath journey specifically brings us into non ordinary-shamanic state of consciousness where great healing can occur.

**More on the BODY

My studies began in the realm of physical healing. I am certified in contemporary and classical Pilates. I have a background in gait training and analysis, functional movement, yoga therapy, Iyengar yoga, the Alexander Technique, bodywork and fascial release, and GST Body. I have worked alongside Gil Hedley in human dissection labs and assisted many physical therapists with their patients along the way. My knowledge of the human form runs DEEP. 


The deepest self exploration has occurred for me in silence, inquiry and journey.

My coaching background comes from studying Byron Katie's work, The Work, and an immersive year-plus in a modern day mystery school, where I learned and embodied the work of the Enneagram, Jungian Archetypes, shadow work and spiritual bypassing. I then integrated my knowledge through an intensive spiritual coaching program. A student again (and always) I am learning and serving the Cha Dao, tea medicine, alongside Shamanism.

My diverse and layered background infuses my work with you, my understanding of what it is like to be you in your glorious unique body with your own cultured lifetime.

Questions? Email me directly HERE.

In Gratitude to all of my teachers...​


Thank you for involving and inspiring me...

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."-Benjamin Franklin

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