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My Journey

Barbara’s depth of understanding the human form began while attaining her BFA in dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  While studying movement techniques daily, she immersed herself in a pre-medical cadaver dissection course. She continued her studies while dancing professionally in New York City, and after suffering two spinal disc herniations, she worked with physical therapist, Nicola Weiner, MSPT at the Kane School of Core Integration. Barbara then became certified and employed by the Kane School in 2002 under the guidance of Kelly Kane and Renee Jimenez Orona, and became a member of the Kane School’s teacher training program, tutoring and mentoring teachers in training.  Simultaneously, Barbara continued her yoga studies through OM Yoga, the Iyengar Institute, Elena Brower and the Shambhala teachings.


After leaving New York, Barbara continued working for physical therapists and refined her manual therapy skills. While exploring various movement modalities, including her love of surfing, she dove into immense healing through meditation and service.


In search for the essence of the true Pilates method, Barbara began studying under Sandy Shimoda, Karen Frischmann and first generation teacher, Jay Grimes in 2013 & completed "The Work" in 2015. She taught under Jay's invaluable guidance at the world re-knowned Vintage Pilates in West LA from 2015 through the studio's closing in October 2018. Barbara continues to teach and guide teachers around the world.


Barbara has been exploring and discovering a depth to her work that moves far beyond the physical and is essential for whole body health. She is continuously inspired by diving into the human form in dissection with Gil Hedley, through her Alexander and bodywork sessions with her teacher, Jane Kasdan, her studies of the metaphysical, nutrition, essential oils and her journey through pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.

To be continued...



"I am devoted to healing and am an alchemist with my offerings. Sessions include Pilates, alignment through posture & movement, breath, meditation, and bodywork with essential oils. My intent is centered in offering you whole body health and transformation through movement."  Barbara

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