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Breath & Surf Journey
with Rise Up Surf & Barbara Elaine
Upcoming 2025 Retreat

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Reset your nervous system & uplevel your surfing

Learn life changing breath practices while surfing beautiful waves in northern Nicaragua.

All levels welcome!

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is the medicine that has the power to heal disease, emotional stress and immunity dis-regulation. It has the power to shift your consciousness, release what is not needed and attune you with your highest self. What better place to connect to this medicine than the natural land and seascapes of Nicaragua?



centered around nourishment of mind, body and soul amongst heart centered community. Several breath techniques are offered to help you shift specific patterns in your breath and body. The transformational breath journeys are designed to give you the medicine you most need in your life and to align you with divine source.



is offered with verdant views of palm trees on the black sand beaches of Northern Nicaragua. The beach directly in front of our location is a peeling left hand reef break that works on medium to large swells.Because we are isolated, we surf the emptiest waves in Nicaragua. Based on the changing tides and conditions, we will take you to the best breaks each day.

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Barbara is a somatic coach, breath facilitator and functional movement educator. Her knowledge is anchored in ancient wisdom alongside modern science-backed practices and her intention is to help you unlock patterns in the body and breath system that are not serving you. The intention is to live a life of full embodied freedom.


This retreat embraces Barbara's abiding love of the ocean. She lives in Topanga Canyon, California, above the Malibu coast where she surfs and works with those wanting to heal physical and emotional pain. Barbara uses LIFE as medicine to help clients relinquish old ineffective habits and believes that breath practice in the ocean air is one of the most powerful gifts we can give ourselves.

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What people say about working with Barbara

"The retreat was life changing.  I am handling stress and challenging situations better.   I feel happier and healthier since the retreat. You are pure LOVE!"

"Barbara’s teachings have quite literally gotten me through this year [2020].”

“The breathwork Barbara taught me is a game changer."

"That breathwork was like FUCK YEAH."

"I have never done breathwork like that! It was incredibly profound and you are an amazing teacher. I had some downloads and deceased loved ones come through. I was so clear. It was the best high I have ever had… and that high, that deep connection to God is within every one of us."

Rise Up Surf has a simple & beautiful mission....  To make sure everyone who comes has the most amazing experience possible. Check out more here for the vibe of their retreats...

Breath & Tea Circle
Day Retreat
TBD 2024

Be Nourished

with organic soul food, teas, citrus & chocolate



with essential oils and the healing canyon air



to yourself, to others, and the art of ritual

Nourish Your Soul

Ready to Reset?

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