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Inpiration within and beyond the Method

Pilates Anytime is a fantastic resource to keep up your home practice.  There are tons of mat and apparatus based classes taught by fellow colleauges and incredible master teachers.  The beginner series by Niedra Gabriel will give you the basics in a challenging setting, and Amy Taylor Alpers will whip the more intermediate to advanced practitioner into shape.


Pilatesology is yet another wonderful online resource and hosts some of my favorite classical teachers.  


Yogaglo  - take an online yoga class with Elena Brower, a teacher who helped me how to understand my yoga practice while healing many dance injuries.


Pilates Nerd™, not only a website with a fabulously nerdy blog, but an apparel line that I simply adore.


Doterra Essential Oils - These little gems have become my true medicine.  They not only aid my practice, but enhance so many moments within my life.  Find me here for more information:





Books to Inspire

Return to Life  - If you don't own it, get it! This book is of Joseph Pilates' original writings.  He takes you through the order of his mat exercises, and most importantly, defines the philosophy and principles that continue to uphold the method today.


The Pilates Body - Brooke Siler's step-by-step break down of the method and the exercises for the beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner.  She stays true to the classical method and gives plenty of options for various levels.


Anatomy Trains - Thomas Myers sheds light on relating to the body through the fascial systems.  A must have if you want to dive deeper into whole body integration!


Coming Into Form - I can only read so many anatomy and Pilates books, until I crave fluid philisophical poetry (still relating to human form, of course)!  Any of Gil Hedley's books usually begin or round out my day.


The Sacred Path of the Warrior - My first encounter with meditation came by way of the Buddhist Shambhala Teachings of Chogam Trungpa Ripoche.  This one in particular empowers and inspires anytime I read even just a paragraph.


Light on Yoga BKS Iyengar's 'Bible of Modern Yoga' is another must have for any beginner or devoted yoga practitioner.




Teachers Who Inspire

I am forever grateful to Nicola Weiner MSPT, Kelly Kane (The Kane School of Core Integration) and Renee Jimenez Orona.  I began my journey into Pilates with all of these amazing women, who helped me heal and inspired me to become an ever learning teacher.


Kim Finklestein MSPT, encouraged me to continue working outside the box.  The Mezieres Method, and the work of Jean Claude West continue to inspire me in the realms of the human body, movement and healing.


Niedra Gabriel introduced me to the true grace, flow and precision of the classical method.  She has inspired me to dig deep into the traditional work and all of its offerings.


Vintage Pilates is a traditional Pilates hub, under master teacher, Jay Grimes, for teachers and true enthusiasts.  I am grateful to be deepening my understanding of the work consistently in this studio under insightful teachers.


Learning the archival work from Benjamin Degenhardt is everything.  He cares so wholeheardetdly for the intentions of Mr. Pilates and his methodology.  He is so inspired that I sometimes think he is fully channeling Joe.


Rebekah Rotstein, my dear friend and colleague, who has worked diligently in the field of bone health to develop her Pilates for Buff Bones methodology. 


Jane Kasdan, a true healer, Alexander Technique teacher and incredibly gifted bodyworker.  I continue to learn from her how we have the magical and majestic ability to heal and expand within and beyond the physical and energetic body.


My original journey into the practice of yoga began with the teachers at Om Yoga in NYC and later led me to find Elena Brower, Chris Stein and Chad Hamrin. These special teachers have brought me to new depths within myself and my yoga practice.  


Sarah Reese, yoga teacher, soul sister and dear friend;  we co-teach workshops together, with the intention of  connecting the physical form and the energetic form. We find that Pilates and yoga compliment one another beautifully and never have enough time to brainstorm all of our ideas.


Gil Hedley, explorer of the human form, changed my life as I heard him lecture and then entered his dissection lab.  If you crave to know more about human form and human nature in a deeply profound environment, Gil is a true gift.


Karen Ellis, friend, fellow Somanaut, Pilates Teacher and creator of Pilates Nerd continues to inspire me as we dive into the depths of the Pilates sea!




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