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"I was strongly encouraged by a dear friend to give his very special Pilates teacher, Barbara Stamis, a call after my back surgery. He said she was literally keeping him alive and moving with her knowledge of the body; and by adapting his daily routine to fit his specific needs and his Parkinson's diagnosis.  I was skeptical, but after more nudging, I contacted her.  Almost four years later, I understand his confidence and devotion.  Barbara's compassion and commitment is evident through the way she truly listens, not only to my words, but to how my body is feeling and moving.  Barbara knows when to demand more and is aware of the areas in need of attention or rest.  She is continually growing, changing, and improving through workshops and classes.  Barbara is driven by her fascination of the human body and desire to help her students live healthy and active lives.  Although I think she might be “nicer” to my friend, I do feel her love and concern during those few brief moments when she allows me to rest peacefully in a Child’s Pose before the next agonizing set of  The Hundred!"  

Pam Douglas

"When I first started practicing Pilates with Barbara at Beyond the Method, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. After a lifetime of bad posture, my back was constantly hurting and I needed a long-term solution.  Barbara immediately put me at ease, made sure I was comfortable and that I understood the benefits of each exercise. Barbara has a lovely way of being professional and gentle while pushing you to do better and work harder. Every session gets increasingly more difficult but it’s the only workout I’ve found that has transformed my posture and strengthened my body. And I have fun doing it!"  Teal Cannaday


"My wife and I are seniors and as do all of those of our age endure a variety of aches and pains. Barbara is excellent at restorative pilates. She has solved many of our physical problems, has restored suppleness and range of motion, has improved our postures, and most of all has made positive changes in our quality of life. She is wonderful in customizing the work she assigns to each of us based on being a keen observer of how we move and how we hold ourselves. She also has such a sunny and positive disposition."  Arthur Kovacs PhD

"I have been studying Pilates with Barbara for over a year and she has helped me transform the way I hold my body.  Prior to seeing her I was having constant lower back pain and through my practice with her it has gone away.  Barbara not only taught me better ways to hold myself when I walk but also how to hold my body differently when I practice yoga, swim, and ski.  Barbara is a very skilled Pilates teacher and it is always a pleasure working out with her."  

Karen Kirshner

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