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The Mechanics of Mountain Pose

Orthopaedic and Spine Care Physical Therapy

Huntington Beach    

Saturday March 29th 


Learn to Find More Ease, Depth and Strength within Your Practice

with Sarah Reese and Barbara Stamis


Tadasana (Mountain Pose) is the first and fundamental pose of yoga asana practice, and also the fundamental pose for postural health and optimal bio-mechanical function.


If we look deeply at our Tadasana, the first pose learned in asana, we can see many of the habitual movement patterns we carry into other poses, other physical activity and even our everyday gait patterns.  We must learn to use Tadasana as a foundation, a postural base line, and the first floor to a multi level practice.  Through Mountain Pose we have the ability to define our level of awareness in all asana work and everyday functional movement.  It is where we begin to understand center, strength and ease in our bodies. 


In this workshop we will explore our individual habits, as well as others, at an anatomical and energetic level through Tadasana.  Through postural and movement assessment, you will be given tools, including verbal and tactile cueing, in order to maintain and teach the essence of a powerful Tadasana in all postures.


This workshop is intended for physical therapists, teachers of yoga, Pilates, and/or functional movement.

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