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Find Freedom

Breathwork, Movement, and Wisdom practices

with Barbara Stamis

If you are looking to address physical pain, restore alignment and transform physical and emotional tensions into full embodied freedom, then you are in the right place.

Empowerment through understanding how your physical and emotional bodies work and heal together.

Welcome! I'm Barbara. I am an intuitive teacher, healer and guide. My wisdom is grounded in the sciences of functional movement, anatomy and the fascial system; as well as the energetic, neuro-emotional and spiritual aspects of the human form and formlessness. I love combining the two realms into pragmatic, nourishing and empowering sessions, courses and classes designed to move you toward alignment, embodiment and freedom.  Read More...

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What I Offer

When we begin moving and breathing the way we are innately designed, the body functions, dances and flows at a supremely high vibration. This freedom is where the deepest healings take place and where we are able to transmute our old patterns into new dynamisms and essentially LIVE this life to the fullest.


"I feel like I am in a safe and held place when working with Barbara.  There's no sense of judgement or working beyond my means, but rather guidance that motivates me to discover more of what my body and mind can do."