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Do you live with minimal or extensive pain?

Are you often injured?

Do you feel anxiety throughout your day?

Are you tired of excessive thinking?

Is it hard to catch a breath?

Do you often feel triggered or a sense of overwhelm?

Does your pain or stress limit your life?


I hear you, I am with you and I have a new way for you. 

Whole Body & Soul Healing

Understand why you are in pain and stress and learn to heal those patterns

Welcome! I'm Barbara. I am a somatic coach, breath guide and movement teacher. I work with highly committed individuals who want to heal pain and stress. My wisdom is grounded in the sciences of functional movement, anatomy, the fascial system and breath; as well as the energetic and neuro-emotional aspects of being a human being. I combine these realms in order to address the root cause of symptoms, stress and continual injury so that you live with less pain and less stress.  Read More...

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Work with Me

When we move and breathe the way we are innately designed, the body functions, dances and flows at a supremely high vibration. This freedom is where the deepest healings take place and where we are able to transmute our old patterns into new dynamisms and essentially LIVE this life to the fullest.

Client Love

Body work and just being with you helped my body and soul SO MUCH!

Free Content

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