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Breathwork & Journeys

virtual breath experience

Breath journey is a way to address healing via non-ordinary states of consciousness. Breath journey enables you to reach psychadelic realms and according to Stanislov Grof, the deepest healings take place here. Begin or continue your practice and ritual amongst like minded humans wanting to dive in and release what is holding us back to true awakening. Within this journey you will be led through healing & transformative breathing techniques with time to check in and off load what is coming up for you. We create space for self inquiry and somatic exploration and invite you to make this a ritual in your life. Beginners welcome!




has the power to heal dis-ease, emotional stress, immune disregulation and altar your entire life force.

These techniques are grounded in ancient wisdom AND modern science.

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Via Zoom in the coziness of your own space

Ritual Breath Journey addresses:
-physical pain
-emotional stress
-anxiety and overall discomfort
-desire to connect to the metaphysical realm
-desire to connect with ancestors and loved ones
-space to heal trauma, emotional holding and patterns not serving
-access to breathing and meditation within an intentional setting where the group drives more healing energy into the container.

Ritual Breath Journey Setting:
-show up on Zoom comfy, cozy and ready to breathe
-we will begin with down regulating the nervous system, along with creating a safe container before we dive into the journey. Questions and curiosities will be answered in this time.
-post journey there will be time to continue integrating with sharing and checking in (if so desired). Post integration can be as profound as the journey itself.


Buddha Statue

"I have never done breathwork like that! It was incredibly profound and you are an amazing teacher. I had some downloads and deceased loved ones come through. I was so clear. It was the best high I have ever had… and that high, that deep connection to God is within every one of us."

Join us on Zoom

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