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Online Breath Circles

Breath Circles via Zoom

with Barbara

Breath circles are a way to continue your practice amongst like minded humans wanting to dive in and explore the grace and grit of life. Although each month brings variation to our circle, you will be consistently led through transformational breathing techniques with time to check in and off load what is coming up for you that morning. Guest teachers often co-teach during our circle for continued self-exploration. Beginners welcome!


has the power to heal dis-ease, emotional stress, immune disregulation and altar your entire life force.

These techniques are grounded in ancient wisdom AND modern science.

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Via Zoom in the coziness of your own space

Buddha Statue

"I have never done breathwork like that! It was incredibly profound and you are an amazing teacher. I had some downloads and deceased loved ones come through. I was so clear. It was the best high I have ever had… and that high, that deep connection to God is within every one of us."

Join us on Zoom

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