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A course for anyone with a desire to receive healing using the simplest, most powerful free life tool.

Saturday April 29th 10:30 am-1:00 pm

You are Your Greatest Healer

Discover the foundational truths about your pain, stress, & injury and how to live a life of FREEDOM
Live Course
Saturday June 3rd


This course is for anyone with a desire to heal and for practitioners who are ready to work more deeply with their clients.


  • Learn foundational truths about your body, HEALING & how to encourage this process

  • Understand the TRUTH behind your pain or injury

  • Learn life practices that will keep you most resilient

  • Remember that YOU are your greatest healer

This course is transformational. It is filled with the foundational truths I give to every client. You will receive the knowledge and integrated wisdom I teach & lead by. It will become your foundation. It will empower you and become a handbook for your highest healing.

The wisdom that has shaped this course is my study and integration over the last 20 years. These truths are grounded in functional movement, human form dissection, earth medicine, & my own healing journey. They are enlightened through my studies of breath kriya and yoga, Wim Hof, holotropic & medicinal breathing, and the transformation I witness with myself and each and every client. If this course calls to you, please register NOW.

You know there is more to life than stress, pain patterns, chronic postural habits, doctor's visits, lethargy and confusion.
You want to LIVE & not be lived.
You want to remember that YOU are your greatest healer.


I'm standing out in the sun thinking of you and I feel very grateful. I couldn't have done the healing without you. The mindset was SO important for me.

Yesterday was one of the most powerful healing sessions of my life.  I slept 15 hours last night.  Wow.  I think I was holding a lot of STUFF and when it was released I felt just exhausted.
I love you so much and thank you for helping me find my way and heal. I am still feeling SAFE

This HEALING journey has a turbo charge with you leading the way. And me too. Thank you for your help and understanding and LOVE. 

My clients do their own healing. I am a guide who has given and continues to give foundational truths about the body and the mind. I re-inspire, re-educate & empower you to step into truths about healing you may not know, or may not have been ready for in the past. The time is now. You get this beautiful lifetime to experience all of it... all that is here for you, all of your desires, your dreams and the simple JOY of being alive.

Alpinen meadow
2 hours together
Via Zoom
The recording to re-listen and re-watch for 3 weeks
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