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Your Tension into

Full Body Freedom

Online 4 week Course

An online course for self-aware individuals with a desire to transform physical pain and emotional stress into full body freedom.

6 hours over 4 classes

February 12

February 19

February 26

March 5

Transform Your Tension into Full Body Freedom

It is time to shift out of fight or flight, anxiety, stress and physical tension, and live your beautiful life with freedom, energy and true alignment.

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This course is designed to support, guide and empower you to become your most intuitive healer. The tools I am going to give you will be yours forever and you can call on them daily. They are the tools I give to all of my students over years of working together. And they are the tools I want to give to everyone I meet, especially those like you, who feel overwhelmed with achy joints, various points of tension in your body, or simply have the desire to FEEL better; more aligned and free! Whether you are a new mom, a young 20 or 80 something, or someone juggling work at home and running a full household. This course is designed for you.


"This course is  for anyone who wants to deepen their journey on personal growth, both physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Barbara teaches us tools to use in our every day life. This course has been an incredible gift"

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Over the course of 4, live-delivered sessions, you will learn:

5 Breath techniques to change your physical and emotional state by directly affecting the nervous system.

How to understand your physical anatomy, WHY it hurts and HOW to ALIGN yourself towards freedom.

Create a daily ritual that integrates new breath and alignment practices (and is not laborious or intimidating.)

Have all of your answers questioned in real live time by Barbara in a supportive intentional community

How to keep all this going once our course closes

It takes at least 21 days to form a new habit,

So in order to not stall out, we will be together during this time.

I encourage you apply what you are learning as we complete each session. You will be creating your ritual space, practicing your new techniques and integrating this new knowledge as we go, and I will be with you every step of the way to answer any and all questions you have about your process.


Course Bonuses

- Fast Action Bonus: A Private Session with Barbara: Address Your Specific Needs 

- Access to The Body Restorative LIVE online class every Monday at 10:30 am PT during the course

- Access to recordings of each live course session

- An audio recording of the breath you will learn, Barbara’s transmutational Breath that can be used daily during your morning ritual or whenever you need it


- Barbara's simple and inspiring templates to help guide you in your process and keep track of your practices

The Results

How does this all sound?

- A freedom-filled energized version of yourself

- More vitality & movement; less pain and restriction

- A balanced nervous system with less highs and lows


- A strong & resilient immune system

- More energy to spend with your loved ones with less brain fog and distraction

A more optimistic perspective

- Ease of breath and an overall peaceful glow

Hand Reaching Out

"I feel more free in my body and my mind. I have been able to unravel some emotional blockages that I have been working on through this class. This has been the greatest gift I could give to myself. I have been working on loving all parts of myself, even the parts I don't like and this course has helped me do that.This course is the definition of "Self-care" and "self-love""

Sand Dunes

Take action. Sign up. It’s a New Year. 

Let it be the year you create this life changing ritual so that you can feel the freedom your body, mind and soul are meant to have! Now is the time.

100% Refund for any reason, as long as you cancel before the 2nd session.

This Course is right for you if:

-You experience physical tension or aches and pains on a daily basis

-You have tried traditional therapeutic or mind/body exercise and various stress management techniques yet still feel stressed, anxious or have chronic pain

-You have been wanting to try transformational breath but are intimidated or afraid

-You want to create a ritual or practice but are unmotivated or intimidated

-You want to be held in supportive community to experience breath, freedom and true sense of self

-You are ready to shed old habits and uplevel your 2021

This Course is probably not for you if:

-You are not interested in transformation

-You don’t believe in the mind/body connection

-You are unwilling to jump in and explore this transformational work!


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