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March Matness!

What is March Matness?

Starting March 1, 2014, for 31 days only, friend and teacher, Benjamin Degenhardt's brand-new website will go live! "It’s a website dedicated to the Mat-practitioner and the Mat-practitioner-to-be, including the people who don’t yet frequent studios and gyms, who are intimidated to buy an exercise book and not ready for an online subscription, but who have the space at home to roll out a mat and the desire to get moving. The website will provide daily content from a chosen group of March MATness ambassadors (MMbassadors) and anyone who would like to become a messenger for the project, curating the wealth of information available in the world wide web and the real wide world." ~Benjamin Degenhardt

So, in a sense, March Matness is dedicated to you; the devoted student or the inexperienced soul who just wants to learn a little Pilates and bust-a-move!

How shall we celebrate?!

1) Come to my March Matness Mat Class on Sunday March 9th at 10:30 AM for just $10 in sunny Santa Monica. There is limited space, so shoot me a note if you would like to join, and possibly bring a friend who is new to Pilates! Did I mention Mimosas will follow the class?

2) Commit to logging on to whether you have tried Pilates or not! Peruse the site and search for clips that inspire you to roll out your mat at home and get moving, breathing and possibly even sweating!

3) Practice your matwork or home program every day through the month of March and journal the shifts you feel or see. I have heard it takes 31 days to form a new (positive) habit? :)

4) Chat about March Matness with your friends and get them inspired to move! Yes, March Matness is grounded in the Pilates work, but the sole intention is to get us all moving and feeling great; body, mind and spirit!

I hope to see you March 9th!


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